Tips To Buy Floral Print Sarees Online

Buy printed sarees online

Willing to buy floral print sarees online but still not completely sure? If you’re a first-time online shopper, it’s completely understandable and I have some great tips for you to overcome this hurdle. If you have been shopping online for a while, but it’s your first time with printed sarees, then also you landed at the right place.

Printed sarees, with a variety of prints like floral, digital, geometrical, animal etc, are being loved by women. It’s tough to choose which print is right for you. It’s even tougher to choose where to buy floral print sarees online, in case you picked the most pleasing and easy to style print.

How to pick great floral print sarees?

Buy printed sarees online

The problem with floral print is that there are again tens of options, each one being completely unique, that leave you confused. I could write long essays on each and every type of print but have shortened it to help you pick the most important points.

  1. The size of the flowers

If you have a toned or slim figure, you must go for big or medium sized flowers. If you’re a bit flabby, pick smaller flowers. Let me explain why. Smaller flowers help you look thinner. When you’re already thin, you don’t need to look even slimmer. That doesn’t seem nice. However, when you’re looking for hiding away some love handles, you must use this trick to make yourself look slimmer in sarees.

2. How much print should be there?

Either you can go for a saree with all over floral print or you can pick a saree that has flowers printed out around the border and pallu. Both styles are nice and depend on your personal preference.

3. The colors of the sarees

Sarees Online Shopping

Floral print sarees often look graceful when paired with bright lively colors. It makes sense to pick such colors for they just go with the whole floral print theme. So, pick bright colors. However, don’t be afraid to play with a bit darker colors like purple and brown when you need a toned down look.

4. Pick chiffon or georgette fabrics

If you’re wondering which fabrics look the best with this kind of print, you have your answer now. Chiffon is a very lightweight and flowy fabric that looks amazing when paired with subtle prints. Georgette is the most popular fabric amongst women and depending upon the quality, you can pick different variants of georgette for different occasions.

5. Such sarees suit which type of occasion?

If you’re into fashion, you can truly pair floral print sarees with any type of occasion. The easiest pairing is, of course, for casual wear. Buy floral print sarees online and use them to look stylish every single day. They come at a pretty reasonable price, for example, such sarees are available at Rs. 429 at It’s the best quality at the cheapest price you can get anywhere-  online or offline.

If you want to dress up for cocktail party or kitty party, just pick a more sophisticated and intricate design. Pair it with statement accessories and you’re ready to get your girlfriends jealous of your style.

I wouldn’t suggest you wear printed sarees for weddings and such big fat Indian parties but if you do want to try, you can obviously find a great design even for that.

Tone down the look even further than casual wear and pick really small prints and you can use the style for office wear sarees as well.

Those are my 5 tips to help you buy floral print sarees online. I would also suggest you check out the Brijraj collection of printed sarees. They have around 1200 unique designs in stock as of writing this post and they keep adding hundreds of new designs every day. It’s the best website for sarees online shopping.