Top 5 Colour Trends for Wedding Sarees

Wedding is a colorful event that not only fills colors in the life of a bride and groom but also creates an excitement to compliment your inner and outer beauty. Every bride dream of wearing a perfect wedding attire to look beautiful and complements her style and persona. India brides love to wear bright and bold colours on their wedding day and the place that has the most unique colour combinations in fabrics is India.

Latest Sarees

The color and the fabric should be decided giving a combination of fresh and traditional look complimenting one’s skin tone, colour of eyes and taking into consideration wedding theme. It should enhance your best features such as a dusky Indian beauty looks gorgeous in golden shades and purples where as people with milky white skin tones look beautiful in reds and pinks. The new favorites this season are yellows, greens and blues because of their fresh and graceful appeal.

Wedding Sarees

Red or maroon is the most favourite colour among the brides while choosing a Wedding Sarees and red is considered as the colour of prosperity. Red is the most worn colour; a red Saree for a Bengali bride or a red lehenga or Patiala suit for a Punjabi bride; attending an Indian wedding you get to see the red colour to a maximum level.

After red, the other color that is all time favourite is Golden. Golden is favourite colour for most of the north Indian brides. The young ladies also prefer to wear golden Lehenga Saree or salwar suits in Punjabi, Gujarati and Bengali weddings. This is the colour which can stand out in the crowd for the bride whatever may be the theme of the decoration.

Orange color can be your new favourite trend for your beautiful bridal attire. Also this colour goes well with combination of green or golden or even blue. Another shade of orange, coral, looks gorgeous on Indian skin.

Purple shades are also in fashion these days and are adorned by most of the Indian brides. This bright and gorgeous shade is perfect for the night event of wedding, like a wedding party of reception. You can combine this colour with other contrasting colours such as gold or silver as your wedding dress selection.

Classic Blue is a royal colour that does miracle and brings the best of you. This colour is perfect choice for an elegant look and best to emphasis on your feminine side perfectly. Visit Brijraj online store to choose the Latest Sarees in most elegant colours for your wedding day.


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