Sarees, Attitude & Grace of Women

The most exciting, sensual and classy attire of a woman is none other than the 9 yard drape dress called sari. This is not just an Indian attire but has become the international trend. Even Hollywood actresses prefer trying out this Indian wonder outfit at Indian film festivals which are held in their country. The western designers are taking inspirations from sarees and designing western gowns with the drape style and making great fashion statements. This Indian dress is one of the most elegant traditional dress known to the country.

Plain Sarees

Saris bring out the feminine side as well as the bold side of the woman. It can be draped in different ways and each draping styles changes the look of women. Some like the pallu to be kept on their head giving a traditional look while some like it flowing on left side giving a sassy look. The teacher draping style are picked by youngsters these days. The teacher’s draping style means the pallu being well pleated and set with a pin on the shoulder. Generous use of bright colours and embellishments add the right elements to Indian saris. Some woven sarees speak of stories and culture of that regions like in that of Baluchari saris. Some are plain sarees in single colour with heavy zari and Swarovski work done on the border and pallu.


Net and georgette sarees are in great demand among the youngsters as the light weight see through attire complements the beautiful curves of the pretty ladies. The light colours can be worn during day while dark colours with stone works are great for evening parties. Sometimes saris are so gorgeously designed that one does not even require to wear any accessories with them. This 9 yard dress is the one of the attire that has not lost its splendor with the changing fashion trends and it is one of the most adaptable outfits for woman. Only the pattern and woven style has seen some new evolutions but the traditional techniques are still prevalent with the modern designs.

Now with online stores like one can buy sarees online with ease. At this online store get a huge collection of different types of sarees and from varied parts of the country and experience the rich culture and work of the weavers. Here one can buy gorgeous wedding saree to daily wear saree of their choice.

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