Different Types of Banarasi and Uppada Sarees

Banaras city is very popular for brocade sarees. There are a variety of Banarasi sarees that are famous such as Tanchoi, Vaskat, Cutwork, Jangla, Butidar, and Tishu. Banarasi sarees are made of silk fabric on a plain base with warp band weft and brocaded with different patterns in ground border and bells to give a glamourous appearance. Banaras has the speciality of weaving silk Banarasi sarees with brocades using gold and silver threads in the weaving.

When the brocade designs are made using silver, gold, cotton, and silk threads, specials kind of threads are used. These threads pass through heddles and is used to separate the threads to make different patterns for Banarasi sarees. Zari-brocades when used with silver and gold threads,make a pattern of different styles creating a glittering type of fabric. The silk Jamdani is the most technical pattern or brocade material used in Banarasi Saree.

Banarasi sarees

Jangla saree is one the famous patterns of silk Banarasi sarees. In this pattern, designs were made by using gold and silver motifs with colourful silk threads for brocade to give a sense of festivity. Weavers weave Banarasi sarees by using colourful weft silk yarn for working patterns on the sarees. This variety of saree is known as tanchoi. The Jamdani saree was prepared by using cut work technique.

Uppada sarees are popular due to the handloom weaving of pure silk and pattuzari sarees. Indian Uppada sarees are woven with pure silk, gold & silver thread or real zari and are suitable for wedding and parties. Uppada Silk sarees are made from the old Jamdani silk. Known for their unique designs, Uppada sarees are usually made with cotton warp. Uppada sarees are defined by the length and breadth count of threads. The artisans also use a lot of zari work in the exquisite designs of Uppada sarees.

With the glorious look and light weight, Uppada sarees are among the more expensive varieties of silk sarees in the world. Uppada sarees are used mainly during occasions of weddings, festivals and formal gatherings.They are usually light in weight, and can be worn quite comfortably throughout the year. Uppada sarees are held in great esteem the world over. Uppada sarees are a preferred choice by actresses across the Indian spectrum for formal occasions.

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sarees online India


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