Uppada Sarees Online Shopping in India

The way a women flaunts her beauty in a saree, no other dress can bring out her sensuous and feminine side. Women of any age be it between 16-35 or 35 to 75 all look sophisticated and beautiful in a beautifully draped saree. There was a time in India when Indian women would only wear only saree for morning daily household work or for an evening get-together with family and friends. Wearing salwar suits or other dresses came much later among woman. The fashion of suits entered India with the advent of Mughals.

Uppada Sarees

The saree fabrics that have been mostly used by women of ancient times as well as loved by women of modern day are cotton and silk. Modern saree weavers have shown a special art by mixing cotton and silk to create new style of saree known as Uppada Sarees. This is an Andhra Pradesh style saree also known as Uppada Pattu (Silk in Telugu), Uppada Silk sarees are made from the age old Jamdani method. Known for the unique designs in them, Uppada sarees are usually made with Cotton warp. Using only non-mechanical techniques. This type of silk sarees are defined by the length and breadth count of threads. An approximate length count of threads is 100 and the breadth count is 100 in the weaving process of this type of unique Andhra silk sarees. These sarees are hand woven, light in weight and have a glorious look to them. Wear these to a party and you will stand out in the crowd with women curious to know more about the saree and where you bought it from. The Uppada sarees have found a global appeal with fantastic collection of these sarees put on display at Victoria and Albert Museum of London.

Sarees Online Shopping

Besides this, the other type of saree which is most commonly worn by women is Georgette Saree. It is sheer and comes in both translucent and opaque textures. Usually this fabric gives out a crushed or twisted feel. It is made with crepe weave by alternating between two ends of the right hand with two ends of the left- hand hard twist yarns. This fabric drapes very well to your body and therefore is most opted by young girls. This type of saree is light in weight and easy to maintain as these can be washed by hand and dried in the sunlight.

Georgette Sarees

The one shop stop where one can get their hands on both Uppada Sarees and Georgette Sarees is Brijraj online store. Sarees Online Shopping is the latest trend of shopping as it saves time and one can get wide range of collection to choose from. Brijraj offers all latest collection of sarees at the best price. These are quality tested for any defect so that customer can get the best sarees of their choice. The easy payment options like pay online and COD makes Sarees Online Shopping fun. The products are delivered at the doorstep of the customers and can also be returned if not satisfied.


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